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1. Introduction

Tay Ho district is a district located in the North of inner Hanoi. Laid down behind green trees, fully enjoyed the fresh atmosphere from the lake, it has been ages since Tay Ho area has become a relaxing place of Hanoi citizens and an ideal place of foreigners living and working in the capital, with countless luxury villas in diverse and elegant designs.

Tay Ho has maintained as an important place in tourism thanks to its location and convenient transportation. With tranquil and fresh space, secured area and friendly neighbors, this area is homes for many foreigners. With outstanding conditions, Tay Ho district is one of development areas of the city center which is attracting financial capital resources, human resources and science and technology to accelerate economic - social development of the district in particular and of Hanoi in general.

2. Location

Away from city center about 7km, Tay Ho district is a center of service - tourism - culture, and is responsible for protecting natural landscape of Hanoi. Borders with Long Bien district on the East; with Tu Liem district on the West; with Ba Dinh district on the South; with Dong Anh district on the North. Tay Ho has historical West lake with area of 526 hectares which makes this area as a "lung of the city".

3. Villas in Tay Ho

Villas in Tay Ho usually have large areas, large living room, containing 4-5 bedrooms, with garden and parking area. Some villas also have a swimming pool for homeowner's needs in the summer. Tay Ho Villas are designed with unique architecture design reflecting style and personality of the designer. Many villas have airy and stunning views of West Lake with fresh and tranquil spaces.

4. Utilities

With the goal of becoming a commercial and tourism service center of the capital, along with good management, Tay Ho area is increasingly improved with more and more types of services such as boating, canoe , water puppetry, musical fountain ... Famous places like Water Park, Quan Thanh Temple, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Tay Ho Palace ...

With its convenient location's Tay Ho District, residents can easily transport to busiest shopping centers of Hanoi, supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, high end urban areas like Ciputra , Starlake, Nghia Do, the amusement parks like West Lake Water Park, New Sun Park ...

And many utilities and other services in Tay Ho district and in the surrounding areas respond to the highest living demands of citizens.



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