Tan Long Land would like to send you an overview and a list of 3-bedroom villas/houses for sale in Ciputra Hanoi urban area.

Villas and houses with 3 bedrooms for sale at Ciputra have an area of ​​​​from 128 - 150m2, built on 3 floors, designed into 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with a modern style that is very suitable for young families or few people.

Each villa is scientifically designed, ensuring ventilation of the area while still being comfortable in the use of the house. Each room has a balcony, providing natural light and air circulation, ensuring the health of occupants, and overlooking the beautiful surroundings.

The number of villas with 3 bedrooms for sale is very rare because these are renovated houses. However, these villas still have a garden and a garage.

Currently, Ciputra urban area has many 3-bedroom villas for sale with reasonable prices from 280 million/m2 to 300 million/m2 and the owner's red book.

If you are interested in buying a 3-bedroom villa or house in Ciputra, please contact 0973.340.819 – Mr. Jackie or email jackierealtor.enquiry@gmail.com!

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