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Sunshine Crystal River – a villa in the sky that brings a luxurious and classy resort lifestyle in mid-air. A super product from Sunshine Group in the heart of Ciputra Hanoi urban area. Here is information about Villas for sale in Sunshine Crystal River

Overview of villas for sale in Sunshine Crystal River

Project name: Sunshine Crystal River

Investor: Sunshine Group

Location: Land lot CT-02A, Ciputra urban area, Nam Thang Long, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Total area: 50,850 m2

Total floor area: 152,644 m2

Building density: 31.7%

Construction contractor: Hoa Binh, Connections

Operation and management unit: Sunshine services

The total area of ​​green trees and road yard: 14.848m2

Ownership form: House Ownership Certificate

Location of villas for sale in Sunshine Crystal River

Sunshine Crystal River villas for sale are built at a golden position in the first international urban area - the center of the largest-scale civilized and trendy residential community in Hanoi, and next to the Red River - where the flow of fortune flows. With the strip of water running along the project, Sunshine Crystal River villas for sale are like a "miniature city" along the river with unparalleled feng shui land, the source of wealth and prosperity... 

Sunshine Crystal River

Given the rapid rise in rent prices, on top of worsening cost-of-living pressures, the relatively simple switch would offer significant relief for those struggling to save up for a bond, which is one of the biggest costs for tenants.

All 5 Sky Villas Sunshine Crystal River buildings are designed evenly along the Red River so that each villa in the sky has a full 360-degree view of the river or Ciputra Golf Course, the design of the Sunshine Crystal River villa is included. Covered by high and wide glass walls, from anywhere, from a bedroom, sofa, bath, or kitchen, the owner can see the beautiful natural green strips.

Utilities when living in Sky Villas for sale in Sunshine Crystal River Project

Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra fully inherits the high-class facilities of the Sunshine project complex such as The first international inter-school in Hanoi, a golf course, tennis court, hypermarket, and luxury shophouse chain … Along with more than 30 internal utilities.

Sunshine Crystal River

All create a top-notch, high-class living experience exclusively for the modern residential community with the most trendy living quality at Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra:

-5 internal swimming pools

-Volleyball yard

-BBQ area

-Hawaiian Garden

-Children's play area

-Community House, Library

-Multi-purpose gym

-Chess and chess club


-Asian, European and Vietnamese restaurants





-Digital entertainment

-Salty mineral season 4 swimming pool

-Maple Bear Kindergarten

Design of Sky Villas for sale in Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra

Inspired by the luxurious life of developed countries, the collection of aerial wonders at Sunshine Crystal River is designed with a large area and space to satisfy the class, keeping the full value of family. 

Sunshine Crystal River

Many Sky Villas for sale in Sunshine Crystal River have beautiful layouts, luxury finishes

Sunshine Crystal River villas for sale

Sunshine Crystal River villas

Sunshine Crystal River villas for sale have oversized kitchen space

Sunshine Crystal RIver

A sense of openness is key in the floorplans, with the kitchen flowing seamlessly into dining spaces, living spaces and bedrooms in Sky Villas for sale in Sunshine Crystal River

A perfect combination of design quintessence between Villa, Duplex, and Penthouse, open design with glass walls covering every room. Each Sky Villa Sunshine Crystal River for sale is a living wonder with a clear view of the river. Meticulously designed, luxurious interiors are ordered from Europe with a variety of interior design and consulting package options, offering The style of the house a personal impression for the owner.

Each Sky Villa Sunshine Crystal River is a living wonder, imbued with a personal impression with a clear view of the river. Completing the prestige and class of the owner with a house with a precious location, unrivaled feng shui with luxurious furniture ordered from Europe designed specifically for each homeowner to ensure lasting value, and sustainability over time.

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