Villa in D Ciputra in phase 1 of Ciputra urban area is planned to be located along the double road overlooking the UNIS International School (United Nation International School). If you move from Lac Long Quan street or Vo Chi Cong street, right at the first entrance on Nguyen Hoang Ton street, go to the left hand side, you will see the villa in D block.

Ciputra villa in D area includes ranges D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5 designed with different area and architecture. We will introduce an overview of each series for your reference.

Villa in D1 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range D1, consists of 2 rows of designs facing each other. The row overlooking Nguyen Hoang Ton street has the main door facing South to West and the row overlooking UNIS has the main door facing North and East. Both of these ranges are internal roads, so they are quite quiet and convenient to travel. The range overlooking Nguyen Hoang Ton street has only one side of the villa overlooking the residential area, so it has the advantage of being airy and quite comfortable for parking.

Villa in D2 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range D2, consists of 2 rows of designs facing each other. One row is a double pavement overlooking the UNIS campus whose main direction is North to East. Many people like the D2 range on the main road for the reason that it is open and convenient to travel. The remaining row has the direction of the South, stop at the West side of the internal road and look at the D1 range.

Villa in D3 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range D3 in terms of location and direction is quite similar to range D2 because it is along the double road of the urban area but has a smaller design area. The back of the D3 range is an internal road with the advantage of looking at the residential area, which is blocked by a wall, so it is quite quiet and open to traffic.

Villa in D4 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range D4 is located along the double road adjacent to the D3 range, but there is a perpendicular corner of the road, so there will be four main directions depending on the location of each apartment. Apartments located on the same axis as the D2 range have two main directions: North to East and South to West. The row located at right angles to the main road surface has the direction of entry in the Northwest and the row with the back has the direction of entry in the Southeast. The D4 series of internal roads has a very quiet and cool space.

Villa in D5 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range D5 is planned to be located in the core of block D surrounded by an internal road consisting of two rows facing each other. A row looking towards West Lake has the direction of the East Southeast. The range turns back and looks at the D4 range, the internal road has the direction of the Northwest.

The above is an overview of basic information about Ciputra Villas in zone D to help you imagine the villa you are looking for to buy and sell Ciputra villas in Nam Thang Long urban area.

If you want to buy, sell and rent Ciputra villas in phase 1, please contact 0973.340.819 - Mr. Jackie or email for advice and detailed information.

Villas in D area

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