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Villa in C Ciputra belongs to phase 1 of the project, located near the arterial road of Hanoi city, 0.5 km from Vo Chi Cong main axis, only 01 km from West Lake. Villa in C area is -surrounded by many trees, Unis International School, Singapore International School (SIS) at Ciputra, Hanoi Academy and 4 apartment buildings of phase 1, G02, G03, E04 and E05 with 04 gates which are very convenient access at Vo Chi Cong and Nguyen Hoang Ton. It can be said that block C of the project is located in the middle of the urban area, along the double route, which can be said to be the backbone of the whole Nam Thang Long urban area to each subdivision of the project.

So, let's find out in detail each block of the C Ciputra villas so that customers have an overview before deciding to rent, buy and sell Ciputra villas;

Villa in C1 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range C1 has an L shape adjacent to the junction of the main road of the urban area. The view to the D4 range towards West Lake has a design area of ​​over 300m2 per unit and has the main direction of the East and Southeast. The side adjacent to the main road looking to Hanoi Academy has an area of ​​​​about 198m2 and has the main direction is South to West.

Behind the Ciputra range, C1 range, the main road surface is a row of adjacent villas 126m2 wide, on the inner street, looking to the C4 range with the direction north to east.

Villa in C2 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range C2 is also located along the main road, and the villas are arranged in series to form an L-shape, which is almost reflected in the mirror of the C1 range. The main street apartments look to Ciputra E3, and E4 apartments with an area of ​​​​198m2, facing south to west. The row that hugs the main road looking to the T1 range has an area of ​​more than 300m2 and has the main direction of West to North. The apartments inside the internal road also have an area of ​​126m2, mainly east to north and a few are east to south.

Villa in C3 Ciputra

Ciputra Villas, range C3, has the least number of villas, only about 6, located in the middle of area C, facing West to North.

Villa in C4 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range C4 is located at the core of zone C consisting of two rows facing each other and all sides of C4 range are internal roads. Each adjacent villa plot in this range has an area of ​​126m2 in the southwest direction, and an area of ​​198m2 in the northeast direction..

Villa in C5 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range C5 can be considered as one of the most beautiful villas in the Ciputra villa area for the reason that the architecture is quite spacious, the rooms are arranged in harmony, the front is a very quiet internal road, the back side is a conditioning reservoir of the whole project. The area of ​​​​the villas of the C5 range is about 217m2 from the South to the West

Villa in C7 Ciputra

Ciputra Villa, range C7, located along the branch road of the project, has the largest area of ​​​​zone C, about 330m2, with the entrance direction being East, South, and Southeast depending on the location. The back is the project's air-conditioning lake, so it's quite cool.

The above is an overview of Ciputra C villa, in the process of you finding out information about buying and selling Ciputra villa in C area if you need more information, please call Hotline: 0987.745.745 or Email: to receive professional service.



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