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Villas in Q Ciputra area (as known as Central Park) have a total of 96 villas, each with an area from 350m2 to 600m2, built with 4-storey modern rooms. The villas are designed in 5 different designs: M1 - M2 - M3 - M4 - M5 Ciputra villa rental prices range from 6.000 USD/month to 10.000 USD/month.

Location of villa Q Ciputra – Central Park

Ciputra Q area is located in a central position in Ciputra urban area and on the extended Nguyen Van Huyen street, at the back of the villa T area Ciputra (away from the golf course).

This area is completely independent, separate from other villa subdivisions in Ciputra (with only 1 entrance) surrounded by the lake system of the golf course.

Design of Ciputra Q Villa – Central Park

Central Park villas are designed in a modern and simple style. Each apartment has a large garden, planted with many green trees by the investor behind and in front of the house, with a large plot of land as a small landscape (both a swimming pool or a small garden or planting trees..), the space of the rooms in the villa is designed to be airy to meet the living space of residents in the most comfortable way.

Utilities & Services of the Q Ciputra Villa - Central Park

All Ciputra villas from the first phase to the Q phase are not designed with separate utilities, residents living in Central Park Ciputra will use the overall facilities of the whole area: International level schools, golf course, sports hall, walking path, green tree system - miniatures, ...

The system of trees and ornamental plants is planted to bring a cool and fresh green space.

Especially, this area has a very good separate security system (to ensure absolute security because in addition to the general security system of the whole area, to enter this area, you also need to go through 2 special security stations, requiring a permit. Only strangers will be allowed to pass through the security gate).

For information on buying, selling and renting Q Ciputra villas, please contact

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