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Choosing a new place to live isn't just about selecting somewhere with four walls and a roof. Lifestyle, location, convenience, interior design, and good onsite amenities are as important as any other factor. And one property that can meet all the needs of customers is a villa for rent in Sunshine Crystal River.

Sunshine Crystal River

Overview of villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River

Welcoming the sunrise from the horizon, dreaming of the sunset, enjoying the peace, looking at the crowded line of people at your feet... the feelings that can only be found in Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra, the world of a new lifestyle, class, separate and enjoy.

Sunshine Crystal River is a concept associated with the wealthy class in the world's most luxurious cities such as Manhattan, and Las Vegas ... which has now become the target of the super-rich around the world.


- Investor: Sunshine Group.

- Location: Lot CT1, Ciputra Urban Area, Hanoi

- Scale: 5 apartment towers + 60 Villa lots

- Total area: 50,850sqm

- Construction area of ​​the whole area: 15,257sqm

- Construction density of the whole area: 30%

- The total area of ​​green trees and water surface: 13,025sqm

- Total number of apartments: 954 units

-Number of Duplex apartments: 498 units

-Number of SkyVillas apartments: 456 units

The prime location of Sunshine Crystal River villas for rent

Location of Sunshine Crystal River

Location of Sunshine Crystal River villa for rent

Tay Ho district has been a long-standing hotspot for renters looking for high-quality properties and amazing utilities to live in at a certain time. This Skyvilla for rent in Sunshine Crystal River is located along the Red River and adjacent to the major traffic routes of the capital connecting through the large urban areas of West Lake - Diplomatic Corps: 

-Pham Van Dong Street easily connects with the western area - the new center of the capital and the central urban core area of ​​Tay Ho, Ba Dinh, Hoan Kiem.

-Vo Chi Cong Street - Nhat Tan Bridge has been completed and put into use

-The extended Nguyen Van Huyen route is under construction

Near metro railway line 02 Nam Thang Long - Tran Hung Dao.

Sunshine Crystal River is developed under the line of Sky Villas (Villas on high)

Sky Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River is often confused with 2 other types of products, Penthouse and Duplex because they are both so luxurious in the apartment property segment. If just read or glimpsed, these 3 types of properties do not have much difference, but looking carefully, every little detail that makes up Sunshine Crystal River villas is something that directly affects their decisions to rent. 

Sunshine Crystal River

Villas for rent in Sunshine Crystal River are the standard of a new, classy, separate, and enjoyable lifestyle - the goal of the super-rich around the world. If Penthouses and Duplex are designed to still as same as the ordinary apartments, Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra has the architecture of individual houses/villas. Each villa for rent in Sunshine Crystal River is equipped with a full range of specialized spaces such as a swimming pool, garden, grass, etc.

Inheriting the design of the conventional villa model, Sunshine Crystal River villas for rent also have outstanding privacy privileges over the other 2 products. 

Sunshine Crystal River villas for rent attribute absolute privacy for homeowners with amazing onsite utilities such as walkways, and a private elevator lobby. Meanwhile, Duplex or Penthouse still share space with lower-class apartments, this is also the most basic difference between Sunshine Crystal River Ciputra and other product lines.

With outstanding benefits, Sunshine Crystal River villas for rent are favored by owner-occupiers and also people looking to rent, as it is not too far from the capital and you get that high-class lifestyle.

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