Tan Long Real Estate Company would like to bring to you the overview and list of 5-bedroom villas/houses for rent in Ciputra. Contact us now for a quick home viewing, negotiation and closing of the lease.

The 5-bedroom villas/houses for rent at Ciputra are designed in a modern style in a single-family style on extremely large plots of land from 350 - 600m2. These villas often have a very large garden and garage, or swimming pool (if any).

Wide view overlooking the golf course, near Ciputra club and the best security system in Ciputra area.

The 5-bedroom villa for rent in Ciputra is equipped with extremely modern furniture imported from Europe, so customers just need to come and stay without having to buy anything else. Or basic/unfurnished furniture for customers who already have their favorite items.

This is an area where the elite or government officials come to live. Therefore, this is a very good environment if you are looking to rent a house/villa in Ciputra.

For more information about renting a 5-bedroom house/villa in Ciputra, please contact 0973.340.819 – Mr. Jackie or email jackierealtor.enquiry@gmail.com!

5 bedroom house/villa for rent

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