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Towards the goal of sustainable development and a Green - Clean - Beautiful environment

Climate change is an urgent issue faced by mankind in which Vietnam is one of the countries most affected by climate change. Therefore, the protection of the environment that minimizes climate change is the responsibility of every nation, organization and individual around the world.

Defining the overall responsibility of all humankind, acting for the purpose of mitigating climate change, Ciputra Hanoi organizes an Ecotourism Program with the participation of members of Ciputra Hanoi Electricity of the Hanoi People's Committee, representatives of the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), representatives of local authorities, relevant ministries and Ciputra Hanoi residents.

Ciputra urban area is heading for a green community (Artwork)

In the spirit of building a healthy ecological environment, Ciputra Group has established a thematic program on ecological culture aimed at accelerating the implementation of environmental improvement initiatives in all projects. Ciputra across Asia.

The Ecological Culture Program is the basis for environmental awareness activities. It is an effort to promote, call for reducing carbon emissions to the community. The focus of the program is the establishment of a "Green Culture," a community that is popular, empowered, and held in a collective effort towards a greener lifestyle.

With that in mind, Ciputra is master planned by advanced computer modeling methodology in annual analysis of models of sun direction, shade and wind direction.

A multifunctional road that enhances traffic to all urban destinations and public amenities, a better experience for everyone, including children and the disabled, in a spacious, flat lane. More and clear signs at the intersection. The Green Road is designed to encourage users to have an alternative way of moving beyond using motorized vehicles as well as supportive relaxation activities.

In addition, in this metropolitan area, organic and inorganic waste bins are provided to residents for waste sorting. This work aims to reduce the amount of urban waste by maximizing the use of recycled materials. This is a more efficient way of collecting waste that minimizes pollution.

Installed solar panels are a renewable energy source that illuminates roads throughout the metropolitan area. Over time, the use of solar cells will contribute significantly to energy savings while still providing sufficient standard lighting.

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